Remix Consultancy Services

Playlist is an independent music company that specialises in artist management, remix management and music consultancy.

Our services have helped our clients diversify and grow their fan bases across their networks of artists. We pride ourselves on repeatedly connecting the right remix talent for our clients and seeing projects through from conception to completion.

Our commissions have amassed over half a billion streams across all digital streaming platforms, and we are just getting started.

Remix Stats

amassed over
half a billion

supported at club level
by the biggest
international DJs

supported on key
dance radio shows & podcasts worldwide

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We work closely with the label every step of the way to help energise the original and hit key markets throughout the electronic music landscape.

Key Stages

There are four key stages in the process of creating a successful remix package.

  • Receive artist, song & campaign information
  • Formulate a list of suggestions
  • Submit a report of remixer suggestions and initial promotion ideas
  • Discuss the report of remixer suggestions and initial promotion ideas with the label
  • Contact the agreed remixers and create a list with availability and fees
  • Liaise with the label and agree on the final remixers for the package
  • Send parts to all remixers and issue deadlines to all
  • Receive completed remixes (With chasing of delivery as is always necessary)
  • Listen to the mixes and flags with the remixer for any areas for improvement
  • Once the mix is accepted internally at Playlist it will then be submitted to the label for approval
  • Once approved by the label the master can be released to be mastered
  • Once mastered the label will send the final masters back to Playlist - to be forwarded onto the remixer
  • Arrange remix contracts
  • Ensure all remix contracts are completed and returned
  • Liaise with the labels in-house or with external PR/Marketing/Plugging teams to provide ideas on promotion strategy
  • Plan exclusives/premieres, co-ordinating between the remixer, artist management, PR and the label to ensure maximum impact for the remixes


Full Remix Package

  • £500 per remix package (3 or more remixes - invoiced to the label directly)
  • 20% commission on Playlist roster artists and unmanaged artists
  • 10% commission on any managed artists (taken out of remix fee and agreed with artists management)

Label Retainer

We work with many of our clients on a retainer basis. This can be beneficial as essentially we become an addition to the A&R team on hand to help with all remix projects across the label.

Please contact us to discuss this further.


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