Playlist Design

The worlds leading retailers and leisure companies are starting to realise the impact that carefully selected music can have on their business. Most businesses have a particular customer profile and demographic that they want to appeal to and there is no better way to connect with these customers than music. At Playlist we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that each business makes the most of the impact that music can have on their customer base. We will work with you as a business and create a music strategy that is tailored to you. This strategy will involve a breakdown of your core customer profile and how your business can utilise music to connect with those customers.

Brand Consultancy

For brands the key objective of association with music is typically a positive re-alignment of brand values. “The consumer is king” has never been a more relevant term and a brands image and customer perception is proving to be one of the most important factors that a brand has to think about. Music acts can provide brands with greater credibility or authenticity. Brands offer music owners financial support and a greater media and market reach. Playlist will work closely with a brand to ensure we will drill down into exactly what you are looking for in a brand / artist partnership and which demographics you want to target. Using our extensive contacts and knowledge of the music industry we can put together a profile and handle all of the necessary negotiations with an artists direct management team. A brand / artist partnership is not only about the brand but also about the artist and the most successful partnerships are those in which each party understands and recognises the objectives of the other and what is required to achieve them.

Music Supervision

Selecting the right soundtrack to a film, TV show or advertisement can be make or break. At Playlist we help film directors, advertisement agencies and production companies ensure that they have the right music for each individual project.