Remixes are becoming an increasingly important part of an artists development. The right remix can open up an artist to a new demographic that they may not have connected with previously. A well selected remix can also further enhance an artists brand if the right remixers are chosen that actually compliment what the original artist is trying to achieve. A perfect example of this is Disclosure’s excellent remix of Jessie Ware – Running.

It is now possible for any artist to distribute their own work to a potential audience of billions via the internet. Whilst this is widely viewed as a very positive thing for musicians and creatives in general it also means that it can be difficult task to find the gems hidden underneath the massive amount of music that circulate the blogs on a daily basis.

At Playlist we have a constant eye on all of the key blogs, radio shows and club DJs to ensure we are well placed to bring the right remixers to the table for the correct project. We will always look at each project individually and work out what the artist and label are trying to achieve and work out a balanced remix package that will keep the artists fan base whilst happy whilst connecting with a new audience.

We have also built up great relationships with key blogs and radio DJs and specialist PR and plugging teams and can advise on a larger promotional strategy for remixes.

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