Our friends over at Nettwerk reached out for us to find a remixer for their New-Zealand based singer/songwriter, Alayna. We were given a list of three words; breezy, chill & vibey!  We knew a pair that would fit that bill immediately…

Two Another takes the delicate beauty of Alayna’s original and infuses it with their own signature blend of blissed-out breeze and electronic finesse. The remix breathes new life into the track, enhancing its emotive qualities while adding an irresistible rhythm that invites listeners to move. Two Another skilfully preserves Alayna’s haunting vocals, allowing her lyrics to shine through, but surrounds them with the type of vibe to make you smile on a summer’s night. The fusion of Alayna’s heartfelt storytelling and Two Another’s expertly crafted beats results in a remix that not only pays homage to the original but also stands as a distinct piece of art in its own right – hence why this remix became a collab!

Check it out right here!

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