As part of our consultancy with Warner Music, we were asked to commission a DnB remix of the incredibly talented Nitin Sawhney featuring the soulful vocals of I Am Roze, for their poignant track, “Definition Of Happy”.

We commissioned legendary DnB producer, High Contrast, who created a mesmerising rework of the original. Released under Warner Records, this remix is a testament to High Contrast’s ability to blend emotional depth with electrifying energy.

The remix masterfully balances the original’s reflective mood with a vibrant D&B rhythm. High Contrast’s use of dynamic breaks and intricate basslines creates a compelling contrast, breathing new life into the original. It’s a track that invites you to lose yourself in its rhythmic complexities while still feeling the weight of its emotional depth.

Out now on Warner Records, High Contrast’s remix of “Definition Of Happy” is poised to become a staple in both DnB sets and personal playlists. It’s a track that captures the essence of both artists, blending the best of Nitin Sawhney and I Am Roze’s introspective songwriting with High Contrast’s unparalleled production skills. Dive into this captivating remix and experience the perfect fusion of melancholy and euphoria.

Check out High Contrast’s remix, right here!

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