In the vibrant realm of indie pop, Aurora’s latest album, “What Happened To The Heart?”, has been making waves with its raw emotional depth and intricate melodies. Our friends over at Decca reached out for us to find a remixer for one of the album’s standout track, “Some Type Of Skin,”. We commissioned the talented Sofia Kourtesis, the Peruvian-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ, who added a mesmerising dimension to Aurora’s powerful original.

As Aurora’s voice floats in, accompanied by Kourtesis’ shimmering synths and driving beats, the track transforms into a hypnotic anthem. The seamless blend of indie pop and electronic elements showcases Kourtesis’ talent for creating dynamic and engaging remixes.

Whether you’re a longtime admirer of Aurora’s music or a newcomer drawn in by Kourtesis’ innovative sound, this remix promises to be a compelling addition to your playlist.

Discover the hypnotic pulse of Sofia Kourtesis’ remix of “Some Type Of Skin” and dive into the emotional depths of Aurora’s latest album, “What Happened To The Heart?”, available now on Decca Records.

Check out Sofia’s remix, right here!

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